About us

The company was established in 1997 and is owned by a singlefamily. It is led by a father-and-son management team and eventhough the company itself is young the team includes many experiencedspecialists. Georgi Yunchov, the father has 35 years experience as manager andlater Director of the largest Bulgarian factory producing furniture and chairs. DimitarYunchov, the son, is in charge of implementing new technologies and exercisingfinancial control. The company specializes in making old and antique furniture frommassive wood (pine, beech, oak). The factory is situated in the town of Bansko,Bulgaria. People of this town have long maintained various traditional crafts, one ofwhich is furniture and chair making; and wood-carving.The factory site of Mirella–97 Ltd. is situated on a plot of 8 500 sq.m. and theproduction halls are 2 700 sq.m. It is equipped with modern machines and theproduction process is closed cycle, which involves obtaining the raw timber (dried inour factory) to the final finish and packaging of ready products. Some elementshave been wood-carved by hand.Our production cycle has been tuned for the making of small series of furniture from10 to 100 items of a one model simultaneously. Within the company we have 35 fulltimeemployees. In addition, we are working with 11 subcontractors from the town,all of which have 2-3 employees, totaling another 35 workers, they are closelyspecialized in producing separate items or models of furniture, ordered by us. Thisorganization allows us to offer greater flexibility in meeting deadlines and producinga wider range of products. Currently we are offering more than 60 models. We candesign products with the clients' ideas.

God bless you!

D. Yunchov